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Arvid Unsgaard

Artistic Director for Story &

Pedagogic guide

Arvid has built up and is the creator of Story Academy on Gotland. Arvid has worked with films for over 25 years and on a number of scripting projects, for example, for the Swedish film industry. Arvid Unsgaard's films have been acclaimed in the media, and had won a number of international awards.

Paul Gulino -  feature instructor at Story Academy
Karel Segers - Screenwriting instructor

Karel Segers

Instructor in Storytelling techniques

Karel Segers  is a story consultant, writer and producer. Karel is also a certified teacher whose lectures have inspired students all over the world. His clients include award-winning filmmakers, of which three Oscar-nominees. Karel ranks among the world's most influential people for screenwriting on social media.

Karen Janszen feature instructor at Story Academy

Instructor in writing a feature 

Karen Janszen

She teaches part-time at the AFI, Her screenwriting credits include MARS, DOLPHIN TALE, GRACIE, A WALK TO REMEMBER, THE MATCHMAKER, and FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON. DUMA was named a top ten pick of 2005 by the LA Times.

Steve Mazur  -  feature instructor at Story Academy

Mazur has taught screenwriting for the past 10 years, including four years at AFI and five years with the Professional Writing Program at USC. He's written or co-written scripts for Universal, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., MGM, Imagine, Paramount, Sony, CBS, A&E, Spike TV, and Disney, including  LIAR, LIAR and latest "The Philosophy of Phil"

Steve Mazur

Paul Gulino

Instructor in writing a feature 

Honing his own skills through writing for the theater and practicing the craft as taught by Frank Daniel and Milos Forman, Screenwriting, he says, isn't a craft you can learn from a book. "The best way is to learn from someone who knows the craft, so you can see how theories can be applied to your own work." 

Instructor in writing feature  

Thomas Pemberton - Feature and Drama Series instructor at Story Academy

Award-winning screenwriter and executive producer. Also known as an author of the book "The TV Showrunner's Roadmap" and "screenwriters roadmap. Neil have teach at both UCLA and USC and was dean at ucla. 

Award-winning screenwriter and executive producer. Also known as an author of the book "The TV Showrunner's Roadmap" and "screenwriters roadmap. Neil have teach at both UCLA and USC and was dean at ucla. 

William Rabkin - Drama Series instructor at Story Academy

Instructor in TV-Writing

William Rabkin

William Rabkin

Instructor in TV-Writing

Veteran TV writer/showrunner, William Rabkin is the author of the best-selling Writing the Pilot and Writing the Pilot: Creating the Series. He is an associate professor of television writing. Twice nominated for the Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America, he is currently developing and writing a 12-episode thriller for Chinese television and consulting for a major Dutch production company.

Thomas Pemberton - Feature and Drama Series instructor at Story Academy

Thomas Pemberton

Instructor in feature

Professional Script Developer with a decade of experience of working on all aspects of the script development process.
Currently working as a Development Executive for Kevin DeWalt at Mind's Eye Entertainment, He have also worked as a reader for BBC, Channel Four, STV and HBO Europe. 


Neil Landau

Instructor for TV- Writing

Award-winning screenwriter and executive producer. Also known as an author of the book "The TV Showrunner's Roadmap" and "screenwriters roadmap. Neil have teach at both UCLA and USC and was dean at ucla. 


Jen Grisanti

Lecturor for TV- Writing

International speaker Jen Grisanti is an acclaimed Story/Career Consultant at Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc., Writing Instructor for Writers on the Verge at NBC, a former 12-year studio executive. Her last studio job was VP of Current Programming at CBS/Paramount. Jen is the author of three books, Story Line: Finding Gold in Your Life Story, TV Writing Tool Kit: How To Write a Script That Sells, Change Your Story, Change Your Life: A Path To Your Success.


José Silerio

Lecturor for Feature & TV- Writing

José Silerio is a screenwriter who served as Blake Snyder's Development Director. José has also been integral to the success of Blake's workshops and classes on "Save the Cat" series as he worked alongside Blake schooling writers in the "Cat!" method. He has worked with screenwriters who have projects in active development with major studios such as Disney Animation, Dreamworks Animation, Universal Studios, and Sony Pictures.


Bob Schultz

Lecturer/ Instructor for pitching 

Bob Schultz has spent more than a decade as a screenwriter, producer, screenwriting professor, and organizer of more than 25 screenwriting conferences in Canada, the USA, and the UK. He has taught screenwriting, pitching, story structure, and independent producing in a dozen countries around the world.

Paolo Vacirca screenwriting instructor

Paolo Vacirca

Instructor in commercial screenwriting

Paolo Vacirca works as screenwriter. He has worked as development manager at AB Svensk Filmindustri. Paolo has written a lot of scripts on assignments. He has, for example, written the script  The Hypnotist, who Lasse Hallström directed.

Jeff has taught thousands of students from Broadway to Hollywood. Jeff was classically trained as a playwright in the works of Aristotle and the legendary Broadway script doctor, W.T. Price, who in the early 1900’s established the world’s foremost playwriting school. Price instructed twenty-eight students and twenty-four of them had hits on Broadway. So why wasn’t everyone studying him? Price’s complex techniques and thinking processes were not easily understood.


Instructor in deep story techniques 

Jeff Kitchen


Some of all guest teachers/  or and  instructors we had through the years. Many of them is returning speakers/ instructors.

Cindy Mollo | Lecturer

Experienced film and series editor, with titles as Ozark, Book of Eli, House of cards and Madmen

Steven Bernstein | Lecturer

s an American cinematographer, director, screenwriter. Known for the movie Monster and the upcoming movie Last call. 

Cilla Jackert | Lecturer

One of the most experienced Swedish Screenwriter with titles as ”Vår tid är nu”, Känn ingen sorg, Molander and the upcoming series Tunna blå linjen. 


Filip Hammarström | Lecturer

Executive producer and showrunner most known for jordskott. 


Mikhail Krichman | Lecturer

Photographer for movies like Leviatan, The return and loveless. 


Steve Kaplan | Lecturer

For years, Steve Kaplan has been one of the industry’s most sought-after experts on comedy.


David Sacks | Lecturer

Emmy award Screenwriter and producer with credits for the Simpson, 3rd rock from the sun, Malcolm in the middle and the new Final Space.


David N Weiss | Lecturer

Screenwriter who was written Shrek 2.


David Trottier | Lecturer

He is a produced screenwriter, top script consultant, and award-winning teacher.


Jeff Schechter | Lecturer

He is a American screenwriter and executive producer with credits as the series Stitchers, Overruled 


Douglas Soesbo | Lecturer

He is a screenwriter and former Story analyst at Universal Picture. Writer credits for the movie Boulevard with Robbin Williams. 


Linda Aronson | Lecturer

She is a Award-winning Scriptwriter, Playwright and Novelist. Teaches & consults on screenwriting internationally.


Linda Seger | Lecturer

A legendary screenwriting & story coach, screenplay consultant. 


Bob Schultz | Lecturer

He is a producer and screenwriter and experienced pitch lecturer. 


Danny Rubin | Lecturer

Screenwriter most known for Groundhog Day. 

Signe Olynik | Lecturer

She is a producer and screenwriter known for Below Zero. 


Chris Soth | Lecturer

Screenwriter and lecturer, who is mostly known for his mini movie method. 


Bob Dolman | Lecturer

He is a writer and producer, known for Willow, Drömmarnas horisont and SCTV Network 90.

Dan Attias | Lecture

Episode Director for 100 + episodes 

Chris  Mack | Q/A Lecture

Director, Creative Talent Investment & Development at Netflix

Masako Masuda | Lecturer

Set designer with work from Avengers, Jurassic Park, Benjamin Button, West world, House of cards, and much more. 

Neil Landau | Lecturer

Screenwriter, producer, teacher, and author, The showrunners roadmap.

José Silerio | Lecturer

The screenwriter worked tight with Blake Snyder and his Save the cat method. 

Chris Vogler | Lecturer

Working with Disney and his screenwriting guide, The Writer's Journey.


Erik Bork | Lecturer, Instructor

HBO miniseries Band of Brothers and From the Earth to the Moon, won two Emmy and two Golden Globe Awards as part of the producing team.


Iris Yamashita | Lecturer, Instructor

Hired by Clint Eastwood to write the Japanese side of the story of Letters from Iwo Jima. She was nominated in 2007 for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.


Karl Iglesias | Lecturer

Best-selling author.  He teaches at UCLA Extension’s Writers' Program. He writes a regular column on the craft for Creative Screenwriting magazine.

Börje Hansson | Lecturer

Swedish producer with over hundred titels.

Robert Bryant | Lecturer

A game  developer who have worked for years  and who has written the book "slay the dragon" about how to write for games. 


Steven Katz | Lecturer

Author of the best selling film directing book Shot by shot. 


Alvaro Rodriquez | Lecturer

Screenwriter most known for ”from dusk to dawn the serie and Machete. 


Anders Lennberg | Lecturer

Swedish screenwriter and Director. Known for his newest movie Pool and Same Same. 


Michael Colleary | Lecturer

Screenwriter and producer - who wrote the classic movie Face off. 

Marco Cyris | Lecturer

He has  been Nicholas cage stand in for ten years. For movies like Adaptation, Lord of war, National treasure, Matchstick man, Super 8 etc


Carole Kirschner | Lecturer, instructor

The Director of America’s Showrunner Training Program & CBS Diversity Writers Mentoring Program. Have heard over 3,000 pitches, bought hundreds of projects and was involved in developing dozens of television series.


Jennifer Graeser | Lecturer

Jennifer is a screenwriter, author, speaker, and forensic specialist.


Kathie Fong Yoneda | Lecturer, instructor 

30+ years of industry experience, executive positions with Walt Disney Studios, Touchstone, Island Pictures and Walt Disney TV Animation. 


Warren Lewis | Lecturer

Screenwriter with credits as Black rain and 13th warrior. 

Billy Mernit | Lecturer, Instructor

Screenwriter, author, story analyst at Universal and award winning teacher at UCLA Extension.

Soni Jörgensen | Lecturer, Instructor

Soni Jorgensen is a Swedish screenwriter working for producers in the US, Europe and Sweden. She received her training at the USC Graduate Screenwriting Program.


"The outstanding screenwriting program at Storyutbildningen is a unique gift to both the students and the Swedish film and television industry. Having offered seminars there for more than three years, I am repeatedly impressed with the high caliber of instruction, the progress of the students, the strong individual support for each writer, and the professional approach taken by the entire program toward the participants and their craft. I strongly recommend Storyutbildningen to anyone serious about become a professional screenwriter in Sweden."

Michael Hauge - Script coach


Some of the companies we pitch at.