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Story Showrunner



1 year

Story Showrunner is a project year in which you as a participant will lead work as a showrunner throughout the production of a miniseries, from the work in the writers’ room, production planning, shooting to editing and the finished premiere. A showrunner is the leading producer of a TV series. A good showrunner makes the TV series run smoothly, fulfills TV channels’ dreams, successfully navigates the creative pitfalls that may occur between the TV channels and the production company, all while managing to keep teams and actors happy, stay within budget and schedule and, above all, deliver a fantastic product.

Over the course of

one year

you will produce

1 miniseries 

6 episodes * 15 minutes

My year as a Showrunner, on The Story Showrunner Training Program, was hard work, long days, a lot of responsibility and a dash of anxiety. But I loved it. As the Showrunner you get almost full approval on budget-and crew-decisions, you are responsible of leading process from the writers room and all the way to finished product. It was a way for me to try things, to make mistakes, and to learn. It has given me practical tools to use in my screenwriting, and I am grateful of having been selected Showrunner in one of the few Showrunner Training programs in the world. 

Jonatan Bökman - Former Story showrunner Student