The school in Fårösund Gotland

Folk High School in Fårösund is an excellent place for you who want to devote yourself to what you are passionate about. The school is a stone's throw from the sea and bathing jetty with a view of Fårö. Nature is fantastic and offers harmony. The school in Fårösund started at the beginning of 2004. We are located in lovely, purpose-built bases in the former military area KA3. As a participant, you are offered accommodation, located in the area. Via Gotlands Sportscenter, we have access to a gym, sports hall, and bathhouse.


The accommodation is located on the school grounds and maintains a high standard. The accommodation consists of 40 single rooms of approximately 20 sqm with triple kitchen/kitchenette and tiled bathroom with shower and toilet. The room is fully furnished. There are common areas for crafts, games, watching TV, and cooking. As a resident at the boarding school in Fårösund, you have half-board. You get breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon coffee Monday-Friday. There are a shared kitchen, TV room, and a living room for shared meals and activities. The laundry room is on each floor. There is broadband in all rooms and included in the boarding cost. However, it is good to know that the accommodation's internet has limited capacity, and if you want a secure internet connection, we recommend that you obtain a mobile broadband subscription. Cost for accommodation with half board * in a single room with kitchenette, shower and toilet including participation fee ** (9 months): SEK 5,400 / month *) Half board includes breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon coffee Monday – Friday. **) The participation fee paid by all participants at Gotland Folk High School. The participation fee covers joint lunches and packed lunches during theme days and excursions, morning and afternoon coffee every day, accident insurance, specific consumables, feasts (closing, Christmas table), and some class-common trips and tours.

Sound stage Kustateljén

Story Academy conducts its teaching with the Film crew in Filmstudion Kustateljén, located near the Folk High School's main building, accommodation, and restaurant. The film studio is one of Sweden's largest film studios. In addition to the studio area of 1080 sqm, the 3360 sqm large sound stages, it also has a production office, Story Department, Writers room, carpentry, workshop, lodges, technology room, and more. Examples of films recorded at Kustateljén: -Lilla Jönssonligan på kollo -Rosa the movie -Främmande fågel -Kameleontens hämnd – LasseMajas detektivbyrå -Kvarteret Skatan flyttar till Laholm. -Aniara -Dröm -Andra sidan.

About Fårösund

Fårösund is a community on the northern tip of Gotland. The community has just over 800 inhabitants and is something of an idyll with beautiful views of the strait and Fårö. Fårösund and the surrounding area have a well-developed infrastructure, and the level of service is high. The community with the surrounding countryside has a lot to offer outdoor life and other recreation.

About Gotland

Filmmakers and artists have always been attracted to Gotland's distinctive landscape. Victor Sjöström, Ingmar Bergman, Andrej Tarkovskij, Kenneth Branagh, Olle Hellbom, Roy Andersson, and Hayao Miyasaki are just some of these. Gotland has an extensive and rich film heritage that regularly filled with productions recorded on the island. Fårö on northern Gotland was where Ingmar Bergman chose to live & work for a large part of his life. Ingmar Bergman came to record six feature films, a TV series, and two documentaries on Fårö.