Screenwriting Intensive - 10 weeks


60 tim

10 week

Work on a feature film script or a TV series for ten weeks together with the British instructor Thomas Pemberton. You will develop your concept, write a synopsis, outline and write the complete script and create a pitch deck, and receive highly professional verbal and written feedback every week. During these ten weeks, you will also be able to participate in several international lectures through the education—for example, Chris Vogler, Steve Mazur, and José Silerio. The course is in English.

During the ten weeks, you get:

Develop a feature film or series with professional guidance.

Get written and verbal feedback.

Be part of international lectures with renowned speakers. 

1 feature screenplay
1 pilot episode and 
pitch deck

Over the course of
ten weeks 
you will write 

"Thomas Pemberton has been so dedicated and caring for all of our stories. I couldn't ask for anything better than that." 

Tobias Björklund Lehto - Former Story Masterclass Student